7 Best Features of WeVideo

7 Best Features of WeVideo
7 Best Features of WeVideo

WeVideo, the popular online video editor, has recently undergone significant changes to enhance user experience and improve functionality. These updates have brought about several exciting features that make video editing and collaboration easier and more efficient. Let’s explore the 7 best features of WeVideo that users can benefit from.

Top Features of WeVideo

1. Enhanced Editing Toolbar:

The new editing toolbar provides a convenient way to access a range of editing options such as adding tracks, undoing/redoi‌ng edits, splitting clips, adjusting audio and opacity levels, and applying filters. This streamlined toolbar makes the editing process smoother and more intuitive.

2. Revamped Clip Editor:

With a new look and improved functionality, the Clip editor now offers an enhanced user experience. Users can find all the same editing tabs, along with a brand new Opacity slider to adjust a clip’s opacity directly from the Transform tab.

3. Snazzy New Preview Screen:

The new preview screen features a clean interface and includes the video’s timestamp and a Zoom in / Zoom out feature for more precise editing.

4. Streamlined Transition Options:

The updated editor introduces a new way to add transitions to clips, allowing users to customize transition styles, adjust duration, and apply transitions to selected clips or all of them with ease.

5. Improved Collaboration Tools:

WeVideo’s real-time collaboration feature enables multiple users to edit a project simultaneously, fostering seamless communication, enhancing productivity, and streamlining the entire editing workflow.

6. Expanded Multimedia Creation Opportunities:

Users now have access to all projects, media, exports, and user-created templates, providing more opportunities to create, collaborate, and share multimedia content.

7. Automatic Subtitle Generation:

WeVideo’s Business plan users can now benefit from an automatic subtitle generator, making instructional videos more accessible to learners of different abilities and learning styles.

Pros and Cons


  • Enhanced editing toolbar for a smoother workflow.
  • Revamped clip editor with improved functionality.
  • Streamlined transition options for added creativity.
  • Real-time collaboration feature for seamless teamwork.
  • Expanded multimedia creation opportunities for educators and businesses.


  • The updated interface may take some time for existing users to adapt to.
  • The automatic subtitle generation feature may not be available to all users.

Tips for Users

  1. Take advantage of the enhanced editing toolbar to improve your workflow and efficiency.
  2. Explore the revamped clip editor to make the most of the new Opacity slider and other editing tabs.
  3. Utilize the automatic subtitle generation feature to make your instructional videos more accessible to a wider audience.

In conclusion, the recent updates to WeVideo have brought about several exciting features designed to enhance the editing experience and streamline collaboration. With a focus on improved functionality and user-friendliness, WeVideo continues to be a top choice for content creators, educators, and businesses alike.

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