Essential Steps Couples Should Prioritize During the Wedding Planning Process

Essential Steps Couples Should Prioritize During the Wedding Planning Process
Essential Steps Couples Should Prioritize During the Wedding Planning Process

If you type “wedding planning is…” into a Google browser, Google will finish your thought. Offering up suggestions like, ‘stressful,’ ‘exhausting.’ Even, ‘making me depressed.’

If this is the first time you’ve planned something of this magnitude we realize you could be easily overwhelmed, which is most likely to occur if you’re not looking at the big picture.

To help you through, we’re sharing the essential steps a couple should prioritize during the wedding planning process.

Your Wedding: The Big Picture

Not all of the tasks involved in wedding planning are equal.

The trick to pulling off a gorgeous cohesive wedding is to approach it from a big-picture perspective.

Rather than viewing each task as a standalone, having an idea of how you want it all to come together—how each task relates to the overall experience you’re creating—means that the decisions you make must be aligned with the theme and vibe you’re going for.
Which means you need to be certain about what that is.

So, where do you start?

Deciding the budget and number of guests you’d like to have is the best place to begin.
Once you have that in mind, these are the steps that should be prioritized.

Securing the Venue

It’s a fact: every wedding needs a venue. Finding and booking your venue is a priority because so many of the other decisions you’ll make can only happen after you’ve secured a place to celebrate your big day.

The style of the venue informs your décor choices. It determines your catering options. If it’s outdoors or indoors, it dictates what you should wear. It plays a huge part in the theme and style of wedding, and it makes it so much easier to dream and plan for because it’s a real place–it doesn’t only exist in your mind’s eye.

Finding the perfect venue is much easier if you haven’t decided on a specific date to have the wedding. Otherwise, your selection is dependent upon what’s available on the date you chose.

When looking at places, make sure the venue can accommodate your projected number of guests. Ask what’s included; many spaces provide linens, a PA system, and have an in-house chef and full kitchen to prepare something special for your big day.

Food, Drink and Entertainment

Another step to pay extra attention to is everyone’s favorite part of a wedding… the food, drink and entertainment!

Be creative and have fun with your menu. There’s no need to do what everyone else does. If you have a themed wedding, playing that up with the food and drink is a surefire way to elevate it.

Think beyond the taste: How do you want it presented or displayed?

The entertainment needs to be prioritized as well. If you’re booking a band or DJ, you want to make sure they’re up for the task.
Your entertainment can play up the theme as well. If you love the edginess of rock’n’roll, hire a band who can belt out the classics. If you’ve got a 1960s theme going, find a Beatles cover band.

Dresses and Décor

The goal of a wedding dress—and even the bridesmaids dresses—is simple. You want to render people speechless, tongue-tied by your beauty.

One of the best parts about dress shopping is you get to try on a bunch of different options, and have your bridesmaids present, their eyes welling up with tears when you step out of the dressing room wearing the dress.

You get to have fun selecting their dresses too. In fact, their gowns can play into the theme and décor as well.

The idea is to let the dresses and decor be a reflection of you, through thoughtful personal touches. It doesn’t have to be over the top in any way, it just has to be you—a representation of what you like.

The Guest Experience

The result of attentive consideration by not rushing through these steps is a unique and special experience.

People love novelty. The extra effort you put into making the details of your big day extra special translates into a memorable guest experience.

Plus, these are the details that will be captured in photographs. You’ll see your loved one’s laughing and having fun. They’ll be blurry shots of the dance floor, the only thing in focus there will be sparkling eyes and uninhibited laughter. You’ll be able to see the gorgeous dresses, the lavish beautifully displayed food, and the incredible venue.


By making the venue, the food and entertainment, and the dresses and décor a priority, your big day transforms from just another wedding to your wedding experience.

Let your heart be your guide, keep the big picture in mind, and enjoy every moment as it unfolds.