Top Features of Brandwatch

Top Features of Brandwatch
Top Features of Brandwatch

Social media is full of noise and trying to make sense of it can be overwhelming. However, with the help of Brandwatch, the most powerful social media monitoring tool, you can easily cut through the noise and find the conversations that truly matter to your business.

Beautifully Formed Queries

A key feature of Brandwatch is its ability to create beautifully formed queries. This means that you only get the data you actually want to see. With Brandwatch, you have a wide range of search operators to build your queries with. Even if things get too complicated, don’t worry! Brandwatch offers support to help you navigate the platform.

Putting Conversations into Context

Once you have captured some great data, the next step is to make sense of it. Brandwatch helps you put the conversations into context. It provides powerful filtering options, automatic sentiment analysis, and multilingual coverage. You can also save your filters as email alerts, ensuring that you are always aware of any crisis situations building up across the web.

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Categorizing Capabilities

Brandwatch’s categorizing capabilities can be the superstars of monitoring. By combining these capabilities with flexible charting, you can turn your data into actionable insights in seconds. This allows you to make informed decisions based on the conversations happening on social media.

Speed and Relevance

A social media monitoring tool needs to work fast, provide relevant data, and be free of spam. Brandwatch checks all these boxes. It ensures that you receive real-time data that is accurate and meaningful for your business. Additionally, Brandwatch offers a user-friendly interface with a dashboard that will impress you.


In conclusion, Brandwatch is the ultimate social media monitoring tool that helps you find, understand, and truly use the conversations that matter to your business. By utilizing its top features such as beautifully formed queries, powerful filtering, categorizing capabilities, and real-time data, you can gain valuable insights and stay ahead of the competition.

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